28 July 2009


Today I:
* finished all of the laundry from our trip
* wore my most favorite headband

* packaged up my felt bunny for The Toy Society

* FINALLY saw Harry Potter!! (and looooooved it)

* "Dropped" my toy at one of the art tables in the children's section of the library:

* Bought a couple of boxes to send some super special packages to good friends :)
Tonight I plan to:
* make up the packages to send
* clean the living room
* listen to the storm that is coming soon
* do something crafty
* work on my quilt
* relax
Tomorrow I have to go to school and work in my classroom. Are you insane? Summer is apparently almost over :( Thank goodness I love my job :)

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  1. i don't know if i mentioned it, but the toy idea is awesome! i would have loved to have found a toy left just for me when i was younger--i might join in on the fun!

    beautiful headband!

    did you cry at the end of hp? i definitely teared up.


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