29 July 2009


Today is going to be a wish list day!! It seems like when you have NO money at all, you find sooooo many beautiful things that you want! Not fair. Here we go!!
This headband is soooooo lovely :)

Two pairs of TOMS are catching my eye ;)
* Make Art Not War (hello!! my favorite T-shirt saying on a shoe!!!)

* "Be The Change..." My all time favorite quote by one of my heroes, Ghandi, on a shoe!!

I love this coloring book and these two inspirational journals: LOOOOOOVE them <3

My one last wish is that every single person who reads this blog will jump over to Jodie's Blog and vote for Jamie's family pic #6 to win!!!
They are soooo cute and they totally deserve to win!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you for listening to my wishes :) Those of you who guessed that Adam is getting a job on my last post, WERE RIGHT!! It isn't 100% yet but it's about 99%. He should be starting work with AT&T on September 8. Fingers crossed!! This will definitely take a lot of stress off both of our shoulders.
Happy Thursday to all of you!!!
P.S. I wish that all of you would also enter my give-a-way!!


  1. Oh, thank you sooo much! I love you!!!! xoxo
    Those Toms are the bomb!!!! I want both pairs tooo!!!! Great, now I have to add to MY wish list. lol
    And yes, you definitely see loads of stuff you really want when you have NO money. ;)
    I got the journals at RVA but want that coloring book! I have a project in mind for it so I'm gonna have to get it soon. =) (or at least I hope so) hehe
    Have a beautiful Thursday!!!!

  2. I love love the headband. I have had that in my Etsy favorites for a while now. The yellow is just gorgeous!

  3. love that headband...my wish list is a mile long!! i have a delicous tag just for that :)
    miss ya tons!

  4. How gorgeous is the headband?! wow.

    I have been saving all my material strips (the bits with the writing on...severege? is that the name?) for you J. I cut them off, put them in a bag. When I get a zip lock bag full, I will send them with your lavender and a few other goodies.

  5. Great list. I love the Tom's but have wide feet so I can't get them. Love that photo of Jamie, voted for her family.

    And my problem is, I see it want it but have to spend my money on school supplies. UGH!!!!!


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