20 July 2009

monday inspirations...

I am missing my sweet Catalina sooooo much while on this trip. It's bad! So, after going through my entire iphoto album of pictures of her I decided to find some cutie pie chihuahua inspired items for my inspiration post. I realize that a lot of you may not love a chihuahua as much as I do (and I really only love mine honestly :D) but almost each of the etsy shops that I am listing have items for all kinds of dogs. Here is my inspirational post inspired by my sweet Catalina!!!

That cute scarf can be found here!

I'm pretty sure that only someone really stinkin cute could rock those chihuahua Mary Jane's but I had to post them :)

And I need that necklace so, Adam, you can find it here :)

When I have a daughter she will have that dress!! You can see more of that cuteness here.

This cutie pie chihuahua plushie (which I will definitely have to make) can be found here.

and a pattern to make these cutie chihuahuas is Here
That concludes this edition of Inspiration Monday!! I am off to swim today and hang out with Adam's sister, Cindy and her family. Can not stinkin wait!! Our trip is quickly coming to an end so I am soaking up as much MacLean love as I possibly can!! Have a super inspiring Monday loves!


  1. Anonymous20 July, 2009

    Haha, I love that you left the link for Adam! Too funny!

  2. How cute....Happy Monday!

  3. i'm not a huge chihuahua fan, but the last two pictures are too cute for me to brush off.

  4. Oh yes! My parents have a lil chihuahua, he's a meany! but he is cute! Your pup is precious! I love those lil knit chihuahuas!


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