04 July 2009

Quilt #3 is finished!!

I finished my quilt last night :) I could not be anymore happy with it. When I went to the fabric store with Adam yesterday, the woman behind the counter actually called other workers over to see it too!! I was trying to play it cool but I know I was blushing :) I also found out that it was wider than the fabric that I wanted for the backing so I decided to do a little bit of quilt work on the back too, just a strip. It's kind of hard to explain so I will let the pictures do the talking :) BTW-All of these pictures were taken before I ironed it so it looks pretty wrinkled in the picture :) Sorry!
So here is thebeautiful Amy Butler fabric that I chose for the back:

I used a lot of fabrics from this line on the quilt top but not this pattern so I thought it would be very complimentary :) The fabric was about 7 inches too short for the quilt and I didn't want to buy another yard so the lady told me that since I was being so "cool and funky" with my quilt, I should add a strip of fabrics from the front down the back....I was totally up for the challenge and here is the outcome:

I am not going to lie, I totally feel like a quilter with a back like that!! I think it is sooooo cool!!
And here are some pictures of the finished front all quilted together :)

My mom was the BEST quilt model :)
I am feeling so inspired now and can NOT wait to create a bunch of lovely things this weekend!! I have seen a lot of cool tutorials over at THE SPARK party this weekend and I will definitely be making all of them :) Be sure to check it out over there. I will be posting a give-a-way over there tomorrow!! It's a really good one!
I hope that everyone is out having a great July 4th. It has been raining all morning here unfortunately :(
Have fun, be safe, be sparkly, and leave me some comment love <3 I haven't had many lately...and it's no fun to blog without the comments :)
love you...


  1. wow! that turned out SO awesome. i love it!! great job =D

  2. oh wow! sooo pretty! you did such an amazing job!

    p.s. i'm totally emailing you.

  3. Great job being cool and funky babe!

  4. Wow, Janel!!! That is soooo beautiful!!!! I love it so much! Whoever it's for is totally blessed to have you to love them and make a quilt for them!!! Awesome job!!!!

  5. Wow!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Beau-ti-ful...you are quite the "quilter queen bee!"

  7. That turned out absolutely beautiful. I think I want one. Maybe I will get some quilting how tos.


  8. I am SOO impressed! Great job........especially your creativity and that you are actually finishing your projects. I CANNOT wait to see them in person. Bring them with you!! Only 4 more days...YIPEE!


  9. Anonymous06 July, 2009

    Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING. I want one!!

  10. OMG i LOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!!! SO fabulous! If you get all inspired you can totally make me one for my bday which is coming up soon - I so won't mind :) XOXO See you in ONE FREAKING DAY!!! WOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOT

  11. you are sooo amazing, crafty.


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