18 July 2009

le beach

Yesterday, we went to the Scarborough Beach in Rhode Island for Adam's mom's birthday :) I had never been to an east coast beach before, or Rhode Island so I was pretty excited. Thank you Rachel for taking all of the pictures!!
Me and Cindy <3
Faith, Colie, and Lindsay (love these girls!)
Kailey <3
Kailey and Kyle digging a moat :)
Unfortunately, Adam and I didn't stay that long. Get this! Like 20 minutes into us being at the beach, I put on this dark tanning lotion that Adam's sister handed me and all of a sudden my entire body literally feels like it is on fire, like burning!! It was a horrible feeling :( Then, it all started getting swollen. The rest of the time was spent in first aid and in a wicked cold shower that they had to cool me off and to get all of the oil off of me. I guess it was an allergic reaction that burned my skin :( Insane!! It was horrible and obviously threw me into a panic. It took about an hour to get it all off enough for my skin to stop burning. Thank you to Mom MacLean and Adam for taking care of me :)
At least now I can totally say that I have been to Rhode Island and the burned skin gives me some color :) Gotta look at the positive you know :)
When we got home, we relaxed a bit and then headed to Adam's parent's house for a game night of Boggle, Go Fish, and Lincoln Logs :) It was a great night and despite my beach drama (ha!), she said it was the best birthday that she had ever had :) I love her so much!!
Today is going to be a pretty chill day. I am going to sew with Adam's mom, Adam is going to help his dad landscape. This will be our first "down day" of the trip.
On a side note: Big hugs and love and prayers to Margot today!!! You are going to rock it!!! I love you and I am so proud of you for even auditioning!! Coolest New Yorker that I know!! Maybe I will see you tomorrow :) Love you!!!


  1. OMG, we have the same swimsuit! Don't you just love it?! Sorry to hear about the tanning lotion drama so glad you were able to get if off!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.


  2. Anonymous18 July, 2009

    YIKES! Hope you feel better! Have fun on the rest of your vacation! I'm so jealous! I totally wish I was out on vacay! =(

  3. Sorry to hear about your "beach" drama. Hope the burn is better by now.

    I love the pic of Adam with his quilt...how neat is that!

  4. oh my goodness! i would have been FREAKING out, and probably done the wrong thing like run into the ocean and have the salt make it ten times worse or something.


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