07 July 2009

Massachusetts or bust!!

Tomorrow my mom, my sister, Adam, and I are heading to Massachusetts for a week :) I can not wait to see my MacLean family!! We are having another wedding reception up there with all of Adam's family. I can not wait!! On out way to Massachusetts, we are making a stop HERE!

The girl's in my family are huge fans of Frank Lloyd Wright and it's a total God thing that it it right on the way to where Adam's parent's live in Massachusetts. So, one night in Pennsylvania and then back on our way!! I am so excited BUT I have not packed anything yet so I need to get on it. It is a looooong car ride there :)


  1. I am so excited for you to get to see Falling Water!!! It is so amazing and I know you will love it! Have fun!

  2. that is so awesome, girly!! have a good time, i know you will. and take lots of pictures!! which i also no you will =p

  3. i love frank lloyd wright...

  4. Tons of Frank Lloyd Wright here in Scottsdale (come visit. hehe)
    Enjoy your trip!! Can't wait to see pics!

  5. have so much fun, it sounds like a blast :]

  6. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!! drive safely!


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