27 July 2009

What a lovely Monday...

Today I:
* started my diet
* went Water Walking
* ate a soft pretzel
* went grocery shopping
* took Catalina to her yearly vet appointment for shots :(
* hung with my mom and my sister
* had lovely meals cooked by my even more lovely husband
* hung out with my sister again :) YAY!
* made a toy for my last post
* made an apron
* am watching Dating in the Dark (for real??)
* was overwhelemed by the beauty of the sky :)
Here are some cool things:
* The toy that I made to do a Toy Society drop:

It is a felt bunny hand puppet. She is soooo super cute and I really hope that it can make some little sweet heart's day when they find her!!
2. My journal that I made for Kara's journaling class that I am just now getting to start on :)

3. Happy Mail full of deco tape!!

4. Another very special present in the mail from JAMIE!!:

BTW, when you blogged about this Jamie, I was praying that it was for me!!
5. Cuuuuute buttons that I got from Leigh Ann:

(Margot-a just kidding button is coming to you!)
6. The apron that my sister helped me to make tonight:

7. And finally, my log-cabin quilt block! This is what all of the squares look like:

Alright friends, that its it for this Monday blog post!!


  1. love the toy hand puppet
    ....actually loved everything

  2. what a cute apron!!

    heck, all of it is cute.

  3. LOL, glad "goon" to you safely. =)
    Looove the puppet!! I can't wait to make something and do that too!!! Take a pic where you leave it!!! (I'd totally be the type to hide out and watch who took it and go after them if it wasn't a little girl, lol) Looove the apron and love the quilt squares!!! It's gonna be sooo pretty!!! Love, love, love it all!!! xoxo =)

    Did you see our pics on Jodie's blog tonite? Eeek!!!

  4. hey lady! i miss you!!! everything looks lovely and what a perfect day!

    juuuust kidding- THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

    and everything is so cute on here, as always :-)

  6. oooohmygoodness that journal you're making for kara's class is so cute. i love the lace/doily/vintage/woodgrain all together, it's like all of my favorite things right there on one book. it looks great!

  7. Super cute toy and did you seriously get all that tape from one person?? Soooo jealous!

  8. so inspiration as usual. i love everything you make


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