15 July 2009

What color?

Just realized that I did not do a Monday Inspirational post :) My goal was to blog daily while on vacation and I am not doing so well at that! We have done a lot of driving around New England the past couple of days here. There are sooooo many beautiful Victorian style homes everywhere. The kind of Victorian homes that remind me of the doll houses that I wanted so badly when I was younger. One of my favorite things about the ones that I have been seeing are the colors. They are so colorful!! Not only that, each detail on the house is different colored as well. I have been super inspired by the colors which led me to search for more colorful houses on Flickr. I am trying to think what color Adam and I will paint our house one day :) Im sure it will be bright :)

Gorgeous right!? I am having such an amazing time here.
Today I:
* went to breakfast with the folks and Rachel
* watched Adam and his dad try to finish one of those breakfasts that are soooo huge that if you actually finish it, it is only half price. (Rick succeeded, Adam was so close!)
* Went to my very first "quilt shop" and had the BEST time
* purchased lots of depression era fabrics (love the prints)
* ripped the binding off my Far Far Away quilt because it isn't perfect and I wanted to change it
* bought homemade blueberry preserves from a bunch of monks :)
* chatted with my Vivs
* slept underneath the quilt I bought at the flea market/antique show yesterday
* listened to Miles Davis
So far, a lovely lovely day!!
I will post again tonight all about the Brimfield Flea Market that we went to yesterday. It definitely deserves it's own post :) Thanks for the comment love!! It helps with the blogsickness (like home sickness instead with a blog!)
Final question: What color is your home? I can't wait to hear :)
later loves <3


  1. Now that's some colorful houses.

    Our home is off-white - how blahhhh!

  2. those houses are beautiful!

    i live in a brick aparment complex. come to think of it, i on't know if it's real brick or just that plastic sheet brick-lookinh stuff. anyway, definitely not as cheerful as the houses you featured.

  3. my house is yellow. think buttercream. :) with white trim & doors.
    We painted it 2 summers ago and I still like it.

  4. Sooo pretty! I love them all!!!!
    Ours is white with black shutters and a red door. "Fabulous Red" is actually the color. ;) Glad you're having so much fun!!!! Keep us updated so we can live vicariously through your adventure while we work away! hehehe

  5. Isn't Brimfield the best?!?!

    I have one of those houses here in MA. Ours is gray with barn-ish red accents. Not very bright but still Victorian. Lol. It's actually for sale if ya want it...

    Enjoy your awesome vacation!

  6. I love those houses! Great pictures.

    Our house is purple. It makes me smile everyday.

  7. my house is a little apartment and i barely have reign to paint the INSIDE walls. errr.. great photos

  8. I can't believe how amazingly colorful those homes are. I mean seriously!! I love it! : )

  9. um... yes please! totally in love with each and every one of those houses!!
    our house is between a burnt orange and brown color... very Arizona-ish. lol


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