02 July 2009

Day Four of Quilt Three

...and the quilt top is finished!!! Today I spent the day doing bridal shopping with my sister and my mom. We had such a great time and got a lot of things accomplished :) Nicole is the cutest bride ever!!! I got home around six-ish and began the task of sewing all of those squares together to create the quilt top.
YES!!! The quilt top is finished and I am so in love with it. I know that even though this quilt is going to be a gift, it will always hold a very special place in my heart. A lot of love went into this quilt top <3
Here it is:

So pretty and made with all of my favorite fabrics (which is a lot :D) This weekend I will head back to Jackman's to get my batting and then I will finish this quilt. Adam said I would have it completely done by Saturday which makes me want to finish it on Friday so....we will see!!


  1. Man, I love that quilt! It's lovely!

  2. Love the colors!! :-) So happy!

  3. amazing! seriously, i want to make this type of quilt like, right now!! ha! it is just that inspiring!

  4. janel! this is amazing! it's soooo beautiful! awesome job girly!!!!

  5. Golly it's fantastic!
    You are totally banned from my quilt-a-long...you are too good!!
    Don't you think when you really love something, it always turns out fantastic?
    This is your best one yet Janel. I adore the others, but this one is a beauty.

  6. I wish you would sell it to me! I know it's a gift, but maybe you could make another one that I could buy from you? It makes me happy just looking at it. :)


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