29 July 2009


Today I:
* continued to eat really healthy :)
* drove with Adam downtown so that he could get a drug test (Do you know what that means???)
The fact that he has never done any type of drug in his entire life is one of my favorite things about him :)
* Saw my beautiful arch

* Wore my Betsey Johnson sunglasses and my canvas TOMS (which I still need to embroider)

* Saw a bunch of these Pepsi billboards.

This is the only one that I got a picture of but I really like them because they say cute things like Fabulous, Sody Pop, Pop, Oh Boy Oh Boy...I just like them :)
* Had lunch at Applebees with my favorite work friend :)
* Went up to school to work on setting up my classroom (Can you believe it is that time again?)

* Got all of my mail packaged up to take to the post office:

FINALLY hung up this print from The Black Apple:

* Took a ride with the man and the pup:

(She looks sooooo funny here)!
Tonight I HOPE to:
* clean, clean, clean
* make some pin cushion rings
* relax
* plan some St. Louis Must-See activities for the rest of the week and weekend.
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Goodnight loves! I am off to watch some recorded episodes of Cake Boss. Probably not the best show to watch while on a diet eh?? :)


  1. Did he get a job??? If so, Congrats, Janel & Adam!!!!
    Awwww, You got that book print!!! Love it!!!
    Looks like a perfectly wonderful day!!!

  2. i'm thinking that means he got a job! congratulations!!

    they have aluminum pepsi bottles with the same things on them, and in the same bright colors. i'm putting them in my kitchen :).

    your classroom looks so fun!

    and i've had my eye on that print for forever.


  3. soooo... I completely love the cabinets in your classroom!! You are so talented! :)

  4. YES he has a job!! !t's not totally official but it is :) He starts September 8 with AT&T

  5. Seriously... the cutest classroom decor!! :)


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