11 July 2009

I <3 Eric Carle

Ever since I began to teach, I fell in love with Eric Carle. I love his books, their message, and most importantly his illustrations. It also helps that he is such a neat person too! When I found out that he had a museum in Amherst, Massachusetts, I knew that I had to see it!! I have tried to see it three times (each time I have been in Mass :D). This time...we made it!! It was awesome, awesome, awesome. There was a whole exhibit on The Very Hungry Caterpillar since it was the 40th anniversary of the book and the 80th birthday of Mr. Carle. Here are some pics!! Unfortunately, we weren't able to take pictures inside the museum (bummer)!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! A dream come true. I have all of his books, some signed :) and now, thanks to the BIG gift shop I have got even more Eric Carle goodies :)
And finally we made it to Adam's parent's house...YAY! The weather was amazing and we just hung out in the yard and chilled after a jam packed few days! When his mom got home, I was able to give her the quilt that I made for her birthday. She was sooo surprised and she loved it!

Ok so then last night we decided to use priceline to book a hotel for my mom and sister...yikes! We get them a hotel and as we are pulling in we see police handcuffing about four men and then a paddy wagon pulling in after us...they were NOT going to stay there. Two hours later...we found them a great hotel that sold the cutest sparkliest postcards ever :) Today is our East Coast Wedding Reception!! I am excited because it is going to be outdoors with sparklers!! Can't wait :)


  1. So awesome!!! It looks like you all are having a blast!!! What great memories you'll have!!! And I looove your MIL's reaction to her quilt!!! Have a great reception tonite!!!! xoxo

  2. I love the books of eric carle too. I have some in my bookcase & finally coming schoolyear i can use them again, because i am going to work with 4, 5 and 6 years old at school :D

    love the quilt you made & the reaction was sooo sweet :D

  3. how fun janel!!!
    looks like a suuuper memorable vacation! and i'm in love with your quilt!'
    miss you!!!

  4. that mueseum looks like the coolest! i remember sitting on classroom carpet and having those read to me--now i feel old!!

    you really look like you're having the time of your life (I hope that dirty dancing song gets stuck in your head now).

  5. ohhhh she loved the quilt! so beautiful! and OMG I WANNA GO TO THE MUSEUM!!!


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