14 July 2009

Rockport, Massachusetts

Ok, I am going to go a little bit backwards with my next couple of posts since I haven't been that good about posting while I am here...sorry!
Yesterday, Adam's parents took my mom, my sister, Adam, and I to Rockport, Massachusetts. This town was soooo cute! It kind of reminded me a lot of Maine or even St. John's Bay in Canada. It is definitely a very New England-ish town. Our goal was to find the BEST clam chow-dah, and that goal was accomplished! I am not a fan of seafood but my mom and sister are big time. Our idea of seafood is Red Lobster so it was such a treat for them to experience the real thing here. There were loads of cute shots and photo ops so I am about to overload you with a lot of great pics from our day :)

What an amazing day trip! I feel like i have been on a ton of mini vacations all while being on one big vacation :) Does that make sense? Adam's parents are the best tour guides ever. We learned a lot about all of the history too!
Today my mom and my sister fly back to St. Louis :( Adam and I have decided to stay for as long as we feel like it :) No set agenda. We have nothing going on back in STL so why not eh? There is a huuuuuge flea market that comes to town today and Kate and I are planning on doing that all day! We have also planned a "Quilt Shop" hop on Thursday. Like a bar hop but with quilt shops!! I am getting sooooo inspired :) She is such an amazing quilter :) Ok, I am out for now but I promise that today I will be back with pics from the reception and from our Sunday fun day!
loves and I miss you!! Leave me some comment love because I am feeling totally disconnected from my e-world :)


  1. What beautiful pictures!!!! Looks like you're having an awesome time and I love that you & Adam are just staying because you can! That's so great!!! You are definitely missed!!! Keep us filled in on your adventures!!!! It looks soooo fun!!! I'm jealous! ;) Love you!!! xoxo

  2. we miss you mucho in the e-world! :] but i'm loving the updates...and the photos - they are so beautiful! enjoy your stay! :]


  3. I lived in MA for a year and all of your posts are making me wish I was there! Plus everywhere you are going seems excellent. I think I need a road trip. Well, and maybe some vacation time!

  4. Wow - what great pics!!!

    Jodified will be so proud!!!

  5. sooo many gorgeous things to see on your trip, and you've captured it beautifully! i looove the picture of the canoes :] sooo pretty!

  6. the picture of the kayaks (right?) is great--I love the colors!

    dude, something's up with the blogosphere--not as many blogs, no commenting, etc. it must be the summer time blues or something. swine flu?

    you look beautiful in all of your pictures!

    did i mention i'm suuupper jealous? i watched waayyy too much murder she wrote during my impressionable years and have been dying to go to a real east coast sea-worthy town ever since.

    so if you see angela lansbury tracking down sneaky murderers let me know.

    blog love.


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