01 July 2009


I saw some really pretty things today while I was blog surfing:
A bazillion mini books by Elise :) I can't wait until I have this many mini books!!

This craft space of Leigh Ann's. The colors are amazing!

Art journal pages by Vivianna:

Jenny's 52 Strangers project:

Genine's planners that she makes. She stamps these, and creates every detail on each page. I loooove it!

This adorable wall installation made from drawer fronts:

Today I:
did a lot of quilt work
ate Subway
washed, vacuumed, polished, etc. my car
watched Top Chef
took pictures
read blogs
got my guest blogging post finished for tomorrow
ate a ding dong
did two loads of laundry
cleaned my living room.
I will take Adam to his very first St. Louis Cardinals game!!
I will hide all of his Red Sox shirts before the game :)
Have a great night loves!


  1. oh my goodness!!! inspiration overload!! thanks for sharing... i need to hurry home and get busy creating. :-)

  2. YUM, now I want a ding dong. Haven't had those in forever!

  3. wow! how did I miss this post? I hate that I can't get you in my reader.


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