17 July 2009

"Wicked" inspired <3

Yesterday was our "quilt-shop hop" day! It was awesooooome. Quilt shops are definitely completely different than a fabric store (like what we have in Missouri). They have more history of the fabrics, more patterns, and inspiration hanging everywhere!! We literally had sooooo much fun. Lots and lots of little treasures were found :)

I got the most beautiful pair of fabric shears, some muslin (for embroidery) and the world's cutest felt whale pin cushion!!
I also saw this whale at one of the shops and fell in love!! I wanted to buy it badly but it wasn't for sale :( I guess I will have to make it myself:

I have always kept my salvage because for some reason I couldn't part with it :) I love the fabric names, designer names, and the colored circles. NOW I have something to do with them. This whole whale is made from salvage strips!! I would love to make it out of shared salvage so if ANYONE keeps their salvage or would like to start saving it for me, I would love it!!! IF you would be interested in sending me your salvage, email me!!!
In other exciting news:
1. I found all of the bottle that I bought at the flea market

2. Elsie posted a pic of my commisioned portrait

Representing xo5 with that background :)
3. This little cutie spent the night last night

We rocked out to Miley all night!
4. Today we are going to beach in Rhode Island for the day to celebrate Adam's mom's birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
5. Sunday we are taking a day trip to New York City for the whole day!!! eeeeek!!!
We are having so much fun!!
love you all!!!


  1. Pure awesomeness!!!!!

  2. wow, it's so fitting that the one quilt shop looked like it was in an old church--heeaaven.

    what a cute whale!!

  3. oh my gosh i'm from st. louis and visiting new york city this weekend too. huh...small world. : ) have a fabulous time... it is going to blow your mind with its awesomeness. : ) you MUST go to B+J Fabrics while you are here... it is a quilters dream!!! all of the cotton prints are about 12.95 a yard but i went today and just got half yards of 4 or 5. wow... i'm full of information. haha

  4. you're too cute. i want to BE there in the midst of all that fabric!

  5. That store looks amazing. I think I could spend all day in there. I love the whale. I too keep my salvage and use it scrapbooks,etc. I never thought about making something like that with it though. So inspirational. Thank you Janel for sharing!!

  6. That whale is so cool! I went to a quilt show once and there was entire quilt made out of the "butts" of the fabric! butts = salvage!

    I also love those old sewing machines! Very cool!


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