06 July 2009

surprises <3

Surprise numero uno:

This is a little peek into what I am making for Jamie's craft swap :) It took me forever to think of something that I could afford to make 20 of and I was so excited when this idea popped into my head! I hope that everyone participating loves it <3 I will show the final product after everyones packages are sent out.
and surprise numero dos:
This was a super surprise for me :) The loveliest Vivianna sent me this in the mail and I received it today!!

At the RVA craft swap, almost everyone won one of these little paintings by Elsie. I seriously wanted one so bad, like sooooo bad. I joked about it enough and look at what my sweet bestie did :)...she sent me hers. I love her for so many reasons but this reason is my favorite today! Thank you sooooo much Vivs!!
Great day!


  1. I'm super curious to see what you will create.

    and what a sweet thing she did for you--i was always doing that stuff when i was little. my mom didn't like me giving away my stuff so much, but i didn't see what was so wrong with it!

  2. Your sneak looks beautiful!!!Can't wait to see more!!! I'm excited!!! And what an awesome surprise from Vivs!!! She's such a beautiful person!!! And so are you!!! xoxo

  3. I'm drooling over that fabric...like, I'm seriously making a mess! :P haha

    And how super-sweet! It looks so cool! :)

    How's your weekend/Monday been??


  4. you are just full of surprises, aren't you?

  5. wait, when did we win one of those? cuz i sure as heck didn't get one!


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