21 July 2009

vintage feed sack love

Ever since the antique market last week, I have been dreaming of vintage feed sack! I want to make a quilt entirely out of it. If not a quilt, than maybe a bag or something. I love it.
I also learned a bit about the history of it too:
"Sometime in the 1920's, an enterprising manufacturer of cloth bags hit upon an interesting idea - maybe he could sell more sacks if they were decorated to be more desirable for the farmer's wife. And the era of the printed feedsack began. No longer just beige muslin, with advertising for the feed company, now sacks began to appear in a wide variety of popular colors and prints."
Here are some pretty pictures found while searching feed sack on Flickr:

This will be my new item that I hunt for at the flea markets for sure!! Any other suggestions on where I can find some vintage feed sacks??


  1. oh wow. those colors and prints are fantastic,definitely quilt-worthy.

  2. There is a shop on Ebay called Sweetpickns


    She has quite a large range.

  3. ebay was going to be my suggestion, as well! you can get lucky at thrift shops, also--i found a vintage sugar sack and some old dresden plate quilting blocks made from feed sacks at my local thrift shop recently.
    good luck!


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