11 June 2010

wavy :)

Well, I have officially been out of school for 14ish days and I still have not blown dry or straightened my hair.
I am so in love with my waves. I can't help it.
I think that my hair is actually getting more used to it as well so it is cooperating more too!
Can that happen??
I seriously feel so beachy every time I see my hair in the mirror.
Like I should be in the movie Blue Crush!
So, in honor of my new do, here is a little photo tribute to wavy hair :)

All I need is a little salt water spray for my hair, a surf board, and a killer body, and I could so be surfer chick :)
My tan is helping :)
Ok, two more days until Monday!!
Ive never been so stoked over a Monday before :)

P.S. Best giveaway like EVER!!! I almost didn't want to tell you about it because I want to win but then I remembered I love YOU!! But seriously, it's the best!


  1. Oh my gosh, I have the best sea salt spray Im going to send you! You're going to LOVE it! For serious!

    I love you SO much! Can you and Indie please move to LAso we can be neighbors and craft together and raise our babies together??!


  2. Anonymous11 June, 2010

    @JUST SWEET LOVE- Oh my gosh, isn't Janel just the greatest! I want her as my big sister, down here in Australia! I adore her ^_____^

    @You, my pretty blog writer.
    I love your hair, I seriously do.
    It's got some really pretty highlights, and I'm just like *shiny glossy eyed face* whenever you post pictures of it. I also just love curly, wavy hair in general. I've started wearing mine naturally, I'll be sure to get a picture of it on my trip out today. I'm in love with it!

    I added your challenge button to my blog. I have a suggestion...
    could you just copy the image from my button, and then put a link in the 'LINK' section where you put up a picture gadget? Would that work the same....?
    Whatever you want :)

    Much Love,
    Norah xxx

  3. i love wavy hair. my hair doesn't do it to well, but when it magically does i'm the happiest girl ever.

    i have always wanted to surf!

  4. p.s. i'm thinking of taking up your journal challenge.

    done thinking. totally doing it :)

  5. i am soooo into my wavy hair right now too...
    it's just so easy, and it's nice to give your hair a break from the blow dryer and straightener for a while, for sure! i love it for summer..
    it looks so cute on you!!!!

  6. yeah the photos R gorgeous! the top 1 is ur actual hair right? love it! & the pic w/ the feathers is so breath taking 2.

  7. Janel - to answer your question, yes. I have naturally curly hair and used to fight it all throughout school. I started to embrace my curls within the past few years and once you start playing with them and wearing it curly more often, the better your curls will get. You should totally check out the book called: Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. It is an awesome book that shows you how to embrace and take care of your curls without damaging them!!!

  8. I'm lovin the wavy hair right now too :)

  9. I've started wearing mine wavy most of the time too! I just feel more like myself!

  10. sometimes i wish i had normal hair . . . but then i remember that i have uncontrollable hair and am glad i went with dreadlocks.

  11. i have been doing the hair thing as well every since school got out! i'm loving it, i may just never use a blow dryer again! awesome blog!

  12. It's such a great way to wear it if you are trying to get it healthier or grow it out. So pretty. I love wearing my hair wavy for long stretches of time. When I do straighten it, it looks so much longer! It's always a fun surprise.

  13. Now I'm going to have to go watch Blue Crush again. It's just my opinion, but I think you should toss out that straightener.


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