30 June 2010

Prompt 18

Happy July!!  I seriously can not believe that it's July already...crazy.  My summer is slipping away :)

Journal Prompt 18:  Music is one of my most favorite things ever!!  It translates emotions that I can't even imagine putting into words.  I love it.  Today I want you to create a playlist of some kind. It can be your summer playlist, your July playlist, songs from your wedding day, or favorite songs of all time :)  This one will be another fun one to look at down the road :)

My page:

I decided to create a playlist of my All-time favorite Songs.  I didn't get to finish this page before I took the picture but you can get a good idea of what I did with this prompt.  I am so not the person who always finds the cool new music, so I can't wait to get some ideas of good music from you all!!  We are so close to completing this challenge my friends!! 


  1. That page looks very pretty :)

  2. Joplin is one of my all time faves! Love this page <3

  3. Hey Janel - thanks so much for the journal challenge, I'm really finding it's giving me something to work on and focus on in such a crazy time of my life!
    you're awesome

    Emily x

  4. Anonymous01 July, 2010

    i think you should post your geocahches, the ones you hid, i bet they are fantastic!

  5. Great list! I love your cassette tape--:) I can't wait to do this. I love music so much.

  6. Party in the USA.. yesssss!

  7. OK now I change to colors and it´s so much more fun :) I did post both day 17 and 18 at my blog.


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