15 June 2010

Prompt 3

Day Three!
Are you keeping up?
Are you stressing out or are you enjoying the process.
I for one, am loving this. It's so much fun to do it with others too!
You all are rocking it.
On to prompt THREE!

Journal Prompt Number Three: It's always nice to share with someone why you love them. Today, I want you to draw a picture, doodle, sketch, of a person who you love, or admire. Then, write that person a letter telling them why they mean so much to you!
If you are intimidated at the idea of drawing a portrait of someone, draw objects that represent that person or draw their name in a creative way.

My page:

I decided to write to my sister.
I am fortunate enough to have a sister who is beyond amazing and my best friend as well. She is so great at so many things and has so many qualities that I admire. I love her so much.
I also added a few extra special details to her little portrait that remind me of her. I added her very few freckles that I am beyond jealous of. I added her Wayfair Ray Bans, and an owl necklace (because she loves them). She also got a cute new haircut and has been wearing her hair straight lately so I added that as well.

This is a really special journal page. It will be really nice to look back on this sometime and see who the people were in your lives, at this time, who mean so much to you. My sister reads my blog (hopefully) so I know she will see this. Take the extra step and maybe share the page with the person it represents.
love you.


  1. Hey, I jut posted day 1 and 2! Sorry I was behind :(
    I haven't gotten to check any other's journal pages out yet... but Im hoping to get a chance tomorrow!! Im sure they all kick butt! If anyone wants to check mine out head on over to http://makemesmilemakemehappy.blogspot.com/

  2. i'm loving your prompts! so far, i'm keeping up and enjoying the process. awesome job janel :)

  3. I can't believe that I am keeping up!
    (yes-I realize this is only day three!)

  4. Ok, so I have a random, non journal question...how do I get a flickr widget like you have? I've seen them on a few people's blogs and I LOVE it! :) (and I love art journals!)

  5. What a great idea! I started a journal for my 101 in 1001 but have only done about 3 pages. I am so glad I found this early enough to still join in. I am going to start right now!

  6. This is a super nice posting. I'm sure your sister will be really touched. I think more often we (or I) do need to just tell people how they make us feel but it always seems silly or the wrong time or you have a fight with them (haha :S)
    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  7. I did start out a day or two late but am keeping up:) I really love this it´s a challenge for me but I´m going to keep it up and work on this every day. I have not posted anything yet, but I will in a day or two LOL

  8. These prompts are so great! I'm going to have to catch up a little bit later. I'm in the middle of moving to a new house and starting a new job. Gah! But my fingers are itching to get to some drawing. Thanks so much for doing this. I know it will help pull me out of my art rut.

  9. i love this prompt. i can't wait to show my own sisters how much they mean to me.

  10. Day 3!!! http://makemesmilemakemehappy.blogspot.com/

  11. I just found this and am going to try to catch up today! I love all the prompts so far!

  12. I just posted this same comment on a different blog the other day about sisters. I wish I had one. Very sweet.


  13. I haven't posted any of mine just yet but I wanted to tell you that I'm loving the prompts!


  14. Is it too late to join in? I just found out about this from my penpal. I love your blog by the way. I will be reading it in depth as soon as I get a chance. I am new to blogging and to art journaling as well. It's so inspiring seeing other people's pages. It's been so much fun so far!!

  15. Janel, this is so fun. All of my friends want to follow along with your prompts too! Thanks for doing this & allowing us all to come along for the ride!

  16. Anonymous17 June, 2010

    So many inspiring entries, everyone! Janel, love the prompts. This is fun. Check out my latest Day 3-4 entries: http://wp.me/pTVlw-3v

  17. here's prompt 3 and the cover art for my journal:

  18. Oh, I almost forget to leave a comment today. :o)

    Here is my Day 3:



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