10 June 2010


* I have become so bad at coming up with clever "titles" for my blog posts.
I used to be so clever??
Maybe after 696 posts, you just run out of ideas?
I'm just going to start naming them really random things if I can't think of something.
* Did anyone else find the new Urban Outfitters catalog a little weird? Obviously, some people think that weird styling and posing is cool, but I couldn't even focus on the clothing.
* I can NOT wait until Monday, for the journal challenge. can.not.wait!!
* My husband is the worst pillow/covers stealer EVER! Hence, why I am awake so early. Man, he's so lucky he's adorable enough for me not to really care :)
* And now for some "Wicked Early Thursday Morning Pretty..."

Lindsay, I threw one in there especially for you :)
Ok, off to get ready for the pool and a soft pretzel.


  1. I love those painted fingernails! How cute! I wish I was talented enough to do those myself :). Mine would look like a big blob. Hehe.

    Enjoy the pool! :).

  2. I absolutely LOVE the nails that are painted blue with the bumble bee on them!! SOO cute! I really should check out weheartit.com, seems like everyone is finding some awesome pictures on there!

    good luck with coming up with clever names for your blog posts!! I have a hard enough time and I really just started blogging! lol. I think you'll do a good job though! You are VERY creative :)



  3. lovely!!
    i cant wait for monday either, oh gosh i like NEVER say that....
    and i was wondering....would you want to join the pen pal group? i'm going to be opening it up for july and august, it would be AWESOME if you joined! :)

  4. wow holy randomness!!!!! I love the cute panda picture you threw in just for me, that is why I heart you!!! :D lol Love you beautiful!
    P.S still waiting on my urban outfitters catalog.........

  5. soft pretzels and pool sound A......MAZING right now! Wish I was there with you... <3 the early morning pretties and love you!

  6. i want to guzzle that drink.

    pumped for journaling. bought the felt tip marker set. looove them.

  7. Yeah- I would pretty much love to rock all of those photos (all at once though!-I love the absurdity of it all at once!)

    Also-Don't ever worry about your post titles! Your blog content is amazing and that is what people look forward to, don't stress yourself out about the titles kitten!

  8. I love that gray nailpolish! Have a lovely Thursday Janel! I'm excited to start the Journal Challenge!


  9. Hi, Janel. I was up early, too. Although, not because of my husband, but a little 2 foot cutie pie who woke up with the sun and thought everyone else should be up also. May try joining in on the art journal challenge. I've been wanting to try that! :)

  10. I heart those fingernails!

    Did you throw the "panda bears" in there for me???? :)

  11. I just realized (after reading the comments) that everyone thought the Pandas were for them! lol!!

    Hope you had a great day at the pool and your soft pretzel - sounds wonderful!

  12. Hey Girl- Do you still have an Etsy shop? I have bought from you before but I can't find a link on your blog. What the heck?

  13. i love that picture with the suitcases! and i'm excited for the journal challenge! i had to do something similar for a class this past semester and it was so much fun, and i bet this challenge will be loads of fun too!


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