22 June 2010

iphone pics

My past two weeks, documented by iphone pictures :)

an amazing date-day with Adam.  We went to the dentist, and had an amazing lunch on Main Street.  We ate icream cones (his=pecan, mine=birthday cake), took a walk and found a geocache.  Perfect day.

I made a patriotic and delicous treat for Adam on Flag Day :)
My cousin got a new boxer puppy, Rambo.  He and Catalina were instant friends. It was sooo cute.

Happy hour at Sonic

Catalina and Picasso, totally BFF

all of my mornings have been spent here!

and then here of course!

pretty dresses have been worn almost every day, I loooove it so much

Smore's of course
and birthday cake for my dad :)
A very great two weeks!!
love you!!


  1. birthday cake ice cream? oh my!
    and the puppy is sooo cute.
    it looks like you've had a great couple of weeks.

  2. I love the bff puppy photos...

    and all the other photos look so nice. :-)

  3. I wish I lived closer to St. Louis. I would hang out with you all the time! I miss you so much! :)

  4. awwww what a great week!!!! I love those puppy pics too!! and wo that ice cream looks sooo yummy!

  5. Mmm, ice cream. I have to get a cone now! Thanks a bunch Janel :P

  6. Awwwww smores! So American! :D Your summer looks wonderful!

  7. Oh my gosh birthday cake ice cream? what? I think i need to get me some and now the question is where?

    Cute photos!

    love your toe color--:D

  8. looks like some perfect weeks!
    and now i totally want birthday ice cream!!!!

  9. you look like you have been having a delicious summer. lots of treats! how far is the pool from you? i see that you go there everyday, so is it a local pool or? (not sure what the deal is there...and ps: i am so jealous that you have a sweet pool to go to everyday!) with soft pretzels!!

  10. I love that you iPhone has mostly puppies and food :)
    We have twin iPhones lol Mickey and food - that's all I got on there! My two favorite things!
    I like the last one of your dad - very sweet! :)

  11. that picture of your dad just melted me!! i love fathers. they are so special. :)

    why are you so dang cute?!?! and i'm coming to visit one day and we are getting that birthday ice cream...ohmygawsh!

  12. all so pretty!!
    and where is that dress from? I love the pattern!


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