29 June 2010

Prompt 17


Journal Prompt 17:  Today you are going to illustrate a day.  It can be today, it can be yesterday, it can be a significant event that you have had in your life :)  Use pictures, labels, words, doodle, sketches, anything you want, to describe your day!  This is a cute one.  Enjoy!

My page:


I decided to draw my instax camera with a bunch of instax photos with pictures of my day. I also drew approximate times on each picture to show how my day went today :)  I really did use my instax a lot today so that was the inspiration for my idea.  I can't wait to see your pages!! Are you using the Flickr group??


  1. oh goodness this one is going to be hard...I had a hard enough time drawing my simple outfit yesterday...this one may require more thought :)

    challenges, challenges!

  2. I sooo totally wish I had started following this journal thing with you! I'm kicking myself for it, it seems so amazing!! :(

  3. Janel, I just finished my page and it was so much fun, it has been my favourite challenge so far and i am going to do it more often now (draw my day)! I just did it of my day today which wasnt all that eventful but still on paper it looks eventful! I will scan it tomorrow :)

  4. I am having sooooo much fun with this challenge Janel!!! Thanks for coming up with such creative prompts everyday! =)


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