08 June 2010

me, P, and Glee.

I am baby sitting little Picasso tonight for my parents and we are having a great time :)

and is anyone else having bittersweet feelings about the Glee finale tonight?

geeze louise!
I can't wait for it yet I don't want it to be over!!
This girl is my fave:

Oh and for those of you who were asking what I was reading...I read the entire series of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency :) I loved every single book. There are 11 books so far.
Ok, bye for now :)
P.S. I love all of the people who are in for the journal challenge! Almost 60!!
love love love.
I wish we were starting it tomorrow :)
Ok, I love you.


  1. Awww! Picasso is SO cute!! :)
    Can't wait for the journal challenge either! Super exciting! xxx

  2. you're adorable.
    i am sooooo excited about the finale. but yes, it is bittersweet. ughhhh!
    can't wait.... 44 minutes!


  3. I'm totally a Gleek! I'm sad the season is over, but so excited for tonights episode! :)

    x0 Laura

  4. Picasso is gorgeous!
    Over here where only half way through this season of Glee so I still have awhile to go.
    So excited about the journal challenge, thankyou for organising it!

  5. I would love to join in on the journal challenge, but since I'll be gone for 2 weeks I'd hate to be that behind. Maybe next time...

    PS- Picasso is such an adorable pet name!

  6. You are so beautiful!!! Glee Finale was great! <333

  7. love your blog and ideas. LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!

  8. Rachel is a great singer, but I'm wanting to hear more from the others!


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