12 June 2010

journal cover ideas

I was so excited tonight, to see that there were already some uploaded pictures in our Flickr group!!

Don't you just adore this cover that Eleanor created for her moleskin? I am totally jealous for sure!
So, it had me thinking about decorating my cover and I began to search Flickr for some more inspiration :)
Here is what I found:
Fabric Covered Covers:

found here

and here
Painted Covers:

(found here)

Stamped Covers:

(found here)

(and here)
Drawn-on Covers:

(found here)

(and here)
and embroidered Covers:

(found here)

(and here)
There are obviously, tons more gorgeous examples of how you can personalize your journal cover. However you decide to decorate it, remember that it should always reflect you and your style.
I would love to see what you all have done to personalize your journal cover. If you have, definitely upload the pictures to our Flickr group so that we can all be inspired :)
Monday is right around the corner.
I hope you all are as excited as I am :)
Who got a sticker to adorn their journal cover?\
If not, head over to Courtney's Etsy shop and pick on up!!
Ok, get your pens ready friends!!
love you.


  1. bought the sticker last night!

  2. Such rad ideas doll.. definitely given me some great ideas!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. i already did my cover, just have to find time to take a picture :-) and upload it in the gallery

  4. I bought a couple of stickers yesterday :)

    I was just going to use a journal already in progress, but after seeing all the cute cover ideas, I may have to rethink my plan...


  5. Oh yay!
    Eleanor is my HM partner this month and I'm so glad to see her around the blog world!
    I still have to make my journal...I suppose that will be my goal for today so that I can post it before tomorrow.

  6. These are gorgeous! I didn't end up with a moleskin journal. I just got a cheap sketch book, so the cover is also suffering. I covered it with stickers like an eighth grader. sigh... hopefully the inside will be more successful. I haven't bought my sticker yet. I'm waiting for payday!

  7. oh lovely! seeing these made me excited. :)

  8. So exciting...i'm super inspired for my cover...i'm off to take care of that now! xoxo

  9. perfect! Just what I needed to inspire me when I am making my covers! Thank you!! :) I'm SO excited for this art journal!



  10. Those are awesome! I love everyone's journals :) your reaching SO many people with your 30 day challenge! It's awesome Janel :)


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