09 June 2010


When I was watching Glee last night, I started to reflect a bit on high school.
High school was definitely not "the greatest years of my life" but it definitely was fun and I can say I am pretty proud of the person that I was in high school :)
Anyway, I tried to think of how I changed.
What were my interests and so on.
Can you believe that it was actually kind of hard to remember a lot of it?
It was!
Here are some things that I LOVED in high school :)
1. Beastie Boys

loooooved them :)
2. Dave Matthews Band

3. hemp necklaces (oh geeze)

4. big, blingy, gaudy jewelry :)

5. Dawson's Creek

( and Felicity!! I forgot of that show until now. loooved it :D)
6. Grateful Dead wear

I loved the bears, I always drew them :) I liked the tie-dye t-shirts, etc.
This might be a good time to remind you that I have NEVER done drugs in my life btw :D
7. Empire Records!

For like a month, my sister and I would watch this every day after school :) Oh Warren!!
8. tennis :)

I played.
9. passing notes <3

My friends and I had a huge notebook that we would collage, and draw and write notes in and then pass it. I still have some of them :)
10. British flags. I was obsessed with them.

I'm pretty sure I would have had this cell phone case....well, actually I guess it would have been a PAGER case.
Oh my, do you remember pagers!!?? Lol!
Too funny to reminise. It's weird how much we forget though.
Oh good times :)
yet, soooo glad it's over!
What kinds of things were you into in high school?
love you.
p.s. all images are from weheartit :)


  1. emprire records... best. movie. ever

    Yep I had a pager and thought I was the coolest kid around!!! I loved passing notes and embarassed to say I owned a large collection of hemp necklaces and bracelets!! LOL Love ya girlie!! Glee made me cry last night, I cant wait until next season. I LOVE THAT SHOW!

  2. sounds a lot like me in high school. minus tennis. i wasn't very sporty. ( :
    sending you a fun package with bottle 'o Change!


  3. i was a total band nerd.

    loves you.


  4. i was into scene bands and scene guys...lol.

    totally had a notebook with my friend taletha. we wrote in pirate speech.

  5. i LOVED felicity- i keep thinking i need to find the seasons (they will go nicely next to the entire series of Dawsons Creek i own);)

  6. Good stuff. I was just thinking about all the awesome pics we took in college with our disposable cameras "DON'T WIND IT!" I actually took a photo for some random person recently with a disposable and screamed it at them. She was definitely freaked out.

  7. My friend Randee and I had a notebook that we kept just for notes, I loved it! I was involved in golf, band, and flag corps when I was in high school. BIG nerd :) I made some hemp neckelaces and such, with peace signs and yin yangs! Again, my friend Randee and I were very into movies in HS, like all Austin Powers, and we would quote them all the time. Good times... Thanks for giving me a little reminiscing time :)



  8. OMG Empire Records!!!! LOVE it! I quote that movie daily!

    High school was great! It had it's moments where you just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry but looking back it was no big deal!

    I was the band nerd! I love admitting that! =D

    I'm off to decorate my journal cover! Sooo excited! =D

  9. oh my god, i lovelovelove empire records :) and i was totally into british flags...and smiley faces...remember how crazy popular those were? i never was crazy about the hemp necklaces, but my friends (linds especially) sure were!

    me and my friends did something like the notebook, except we called them happy pages. we'd start the class off with a blank page and pass it around the group. everyone would doodle on it and by the end of the class, there wouldn't be a blank spot on that sucker!

    love youuuu :)

  10. *sigh* dawsons creek is the bomb. I own all seasons and I'm about 97% sure I could qoute them word for word. I'm in love with pacey!

    Can't wait for Monday!

  11. I confess, I *still* love Empire Records, and often make reference to Rex Manning day. XD

  12. We would of been such good friends in high school. I wore my hemp necklace for an entire year...never took it off...gross!! I still have it though for memories. I bought it in Colorado! I loved Dawson's Creek (was so glad she chose Pacey) and Felicity. (I think I need to rewatch that one again on netflix). Empire Records was one of my favortie movies and I still listen to the soundtrack quiet a bit! And I played tennis!!! I haven't played in a looong time and really would love to try it again soon.
    Great post!

  13. I loved Felicity too! I was just thinking about it yesterday!


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