28 June 2010

Prompt 16


Can I get a WEEK 3?!  Seriously, you all are such rockstars :)  I am so proud of you all for sticking with the challenge and creating these beautiful pages full of memories for the future! love love love.

Journal Prompt 16:  Short, sweet, and straight to the point :)  What are you wearing today?  Write it, doodle it, cut it out of a magazine, whatever!  

My page:
Prompt 13

After I did this page, I thought of the cutest idea.  How cute would it have been to have drawn a paper doll with the little clothing pieces around it with those white tabs.  So cute.  I might do that sometime down the road :)


  1. I Love LOVE the paper doll idea! I really need to catch up :P

  2. I like this prompt! I'm excited to get started on it! :)

  3. I love this idea! here is mine: http://dindintattat.blogspot.com/2010/06/16-what-i-am-wearing-today-30-day.html

  4. I like your background fabric!

  5. I'm flunking at the challenge! I plan on saving them all up and having a great weekend of journaling to do. Can't wait!

  6. I love this so much, even though I´m a bit behind I still do my job and just posted day 15 and 16 on my blog: http://agnarogn13.blogspot.com Like I´ve said before I can not post on flickr just because I have no idea how to do that. So all my work is posted on my blog, if anyone is interested just go ahead and take a look. :)

  7. http://siobhans-chillies.blogspot.com/2010/07/journal-entry-16.html

    ok that's my wardrobe! Wish i thought of the paper doll idea - that wouldve been super!!!!!

    I must say I loved this one!! I love the post where I get to draw so much cooler and fun to do instead of writing it!!


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