19 June 2010

i am feeling inspired...

Tonight, I laid in my tee-pee, under a million quilts, eating chocolate chip cookies and watching Amelie.
I am sure that most of you have seen this movie, if not, you must!
This is actually one of my dad's most favorite movies.  He saw it when it first came out and tried to get me see it for such a long time before I actually did and fell in love as well.
Dad's don't usually have the best taste in movies but my dad, totally does.
Here are some shots to refresh your memories of the magic that is this movie:

(weheartit for all photos)
I totally have that camera too :)
Wouldn't an Amelie themed photo shoot be amazing??
I wish I new an amazing photographer who was super close to St. Louis so I could book all of these photo shoots that I come up with on a whim :)
Ok, I am sooooo sleepy and happy so I think I will go off to bed now :)
Don't forget to scroll down for Prompt number six!!


  1. o i love that movie! i heard about it foreverrrr from a friend before i watched it...and your teepee and chocolate chip cookies sounds amazing! maybe ill do something like that tonight...

  2. I love Amelie!!!! I just saw it for the first time a few weeks ago and it was instantly my favorite maybe of all time. It's so inspiring and Amelie is so sweet and smart.

  3. I also love to listen to the soundtrack when I am journaling!

  4. I actually have not seen it!
    But I have wanted to for a while...so I must soon! :)

  5. I <3 <3 <3 this movie. Audrey Tattou is the cutest.
    The soundtrack is incredible, and I just love the adorable things in it... the cracking the top of creme brulee with a spoon (love it!), the talking animal pictures and photographs, the cute photoshoots, and the ending that never fails to make me cry it's so sweet. ;)

  6. Anonymous19 June, 2010

    I just wanted to say thank your for all the prompts for the journal... so fun!!! (even inspired me to give away a journal so someone else can start later!) I have never really journaled before, so I am always so excited for the next one to pop up!!! -Katie

  7. That would make the most amazing photo shoot.

    I actually do know a fun, up for anything photographer in the St. Louis area -- Holly McCaig. I have gone on numerous "on a whim" photo shoots with her and my daughters.

    Check her out at: hollymccaig.com

  8. This is my absolute favourite movie ever. I loved micmacs that the directors did recently! The guy in amelie who sits in the cafe stalking his girlfriends is in every single jean jeunette movie ever made!! He's very good in delicatessan but it's a very dark comedy!

    I have been keeping up with prompts every day! Just not shooting and blogging! x


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