27 June 2010

Dear Canada,

I have a major crush on you :)
I have only seen a little bit of you: Vancouver, British Columbia, Saint John, Saint Martins, and other parts of New Brunswick, Halifax, and all over Nova Scotia and I love you a lot.
Three words that I would use to describe you:
1. happy
2. beautiful
3. peaceful
Here are some of my favorite pictures from my trips to Canada:

I love the way you do things. 
 You run so smoothly and peacefully.
I love all of your parks
I love how spell colour and favourite
I love your sugar maple candies
I love your flowers
I love putting eh? at the end of a question
I love your smiles
I love how your money is called loonies and toonies :)  I smiled every time I heard that.
I love how no one in Vancouver had heard of crab ragoon
I ESPECIALLY love all of my favorite Canadian blog friends <3
I just really admire you Canada :)


  1. Awww Thanks! We like Loonies and Toonies too! Next time you have to visit the Okanagan...The beaches of Penticton are beautiful.

  2. dear janel
    canada loves you too!
    (especially cape breton)
    xoxo cait

  3. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    I also have a major crush on Canada :) and next year I will be participating again in the Canadian Book Challenge, are you doing it as well?

    But there's two things I don't like about that country one bit... 1/ how they treat First Nations people (their stories are heartbreaking, especially when one meets and hears them face to face) and 2/ the apalling way they deal with seals :(

    No country is perfect, I guess.

    Gorgeous pictures, by the way.

  4. Nice post Janel! I am proud to be Canadian, it really is a beautiful place, and a great place to live.

    I have a great admiration for all First Nations people, (being part Metis myself). I thought they were represented well at this past olympic games.

    If you ever travel through Manitoba, let me know!! :)

    Ps: what is crab ragoon?

  5. I like their national anthem: "O Canada!"

  6. Canada loves you right back!! :)
    Winnipeg :)

  7. Now I want to go explore there :)

  8. big hug from montréal...

    you should visit the gaspésie region in Québec it's so beautiful!


  9. lol!! Crab ragoon is something that we always eat with our chinese food :) It's everywhere in the US :)
    It's filed with cream cheese and Im assuming a little bit of crab. Sooooo good!!

  10. haha I was going to ask what Crab Ragoon was as well!

    XOXO from Alberta!
    I remember when we first got Toonies here, I was pretty pumped about it!!

    xo. Kyla

  11. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    If you think those provinces are awesome, you really NEED to come visit us in Newfoundland :)
    And yeah, loonies and toonies really are pretty cool, ha!

  12. Canada loves you too!
    (specifically Toronto!)
    we are usually quite nice (besides the anarchy going on this weekend from the G20)

    you would love the parks in ontario, they are gorgeous!

    angela anne

  13. Ohhhh, I love the picture with the phone booth!

    Your blog is so cool! I just love the title. :)~

    I'm really wanting do the "30 Day Journal Challenge", but I'm not sure how...

  14. Awe! If you are ever in Ontario...look me up eh?? LOL

    Debbie :) xxoo

  15. you are right! Canada does ROCK! Glad you love it as much as I do!

    Come to Calgary and see the Rocky Mountains! It's beautiful!

  16. JANEL,
    this is fucking cute!
    it made me so happy.
    i love canada too, it's amazing eh?
    it's almost our birthday too, in a few days!!!
    this post made me smile:)
    i hope you come back one day, to TORONTO & then we can hangout.yeyeye!

    canada loves YOU

  17. Aww!!! Any Canadian LOVES to hear that others love us :D and we love you!!

  18. Anonymous28 June, 2010

    So great that you had a wonderful trip to Canada....we LOVE it here too!
    There is still so much beauty to see...come back again soon :) xox

  19. such a sweet blog post!
    and it looks like there are so many ontario girls here that you might need to make a trip ;)
    i'm an ontario girl myself, with a huge soft spot for quebec :)

  20. I have some lovely Canadian friends and I absolutely love hearing them say eh? after everything they say! It brings a smile to my face!

  21. canada is the best place in the world...spoken by a canadian:)

  22. :) cute
    I love that house it the third to last photo!!!

  23. That is a great illustration at the top of this post! :) The colors are fantastic. The way it all flows and fills the leaf space...it's just great!

  24. Yay Canada! We love you too!!! PS this one time, while living in Toronto I tried to drive to Ottawa. We got so lost and wound up in Quebec...except we didnt realize it until we saw the dual language Stop sign! LOL! We all piled out of the car to take a picture with it of course

  25. Dear Janel,

    Canada loves you back. Canada loves everyone.


    Now following via Google.

    (I believe you should quickly follow up this post with one about crab ragoon for us Canucks!)



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