23 June 2010

a mini update :)

So, today I decided to do a little mini Etsy update for all of you who keep asking me when I'm going to :)
Here are some of the things that you will find in my little shop tonight:
This darling wreath that screams vintage charm and loveliness:
New embroidery pieces on vintage fabrics.  love love love them :


single and couple custom portraits are BACK!!!  I really miss doing these :)

other custom drawings :)

These though, are what I am most excited about!!!
They are soooo amazing if I do say so myself.
I created these gorgeous vintage inspired sleep masks that double as headbands as well.
I used vintage fabrics to create a ruffle effect on each pieces.
Sleep all night, block out the light, then rock it all day as a lovely lovely vintage style headband!!!
Oh geeze!!  I actually made three of these for myself as well and have been wearing them almost every day :)

amaaaaazing!!!  There are also a few other hair accessories as well :)
Have so much fun browsing my shop and maybe even purchasing from it as well :)  
All of the proceeds will be going towards our adoption of course and each purchase will also come with a special surprise too!
Thank you for looking and don't forget to come back to the blog in about an hour for another journal prompt!!!  You all are amazing :)
I love you.


  1. those eye masks are so lovely.

  2. holy moly this is awesome!! You are SO CUTE!!!!!! Those vintage fabrics are gorgeous. I love them. And that cloud picture is SO CUTE! I need it! :) Love you! Girl I'm so stoked to have such a talented little deer for a friend.

  3. Wow! All of your new creations are lovely! I can't choose a favorite!

  4. Your custom portraits are so sweet! :)

  5. you are so beautiful!
    && i love the new stuff..
    such a talented lady

  6. I love the custom portraits! How sweet! I'm definitely going to etsy and favoriting your shop!



  7. I love the eye masks/ headbands! Wear it to bed, wake up, push it up as a headband, go!

  8. Yay! I just bought a headband/eye mask! Can't wait to rock it in my short hair! <3

  9. and this is why I heart you, bc you are amazing!! seriously!! I got the fabric in today!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see "it" all made!!! :D Ill send it to you tomorrow!


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