11 June 2010


Ok friends, you asked for the stickers, and now they are HERE!!!!

So, here is the low-down:

You have accepted the 30 Day Journal Challenge, now go tell the world!

Post this sticker on the cover of your journal, in your studio, on your desk, on your locker or anywhere you want a constant reminder of how creative and awesome you are! You have accepted the challenge, now go brag about it!

You are pre-ordering a gorgeous Full Color Glossy sticker that measures approximately 3.5"x2"
Once all of the orders are in the stickers will go to the printing press and mailed directly from Courtney to you.

I know that initially it was said the the stickers would be $2.00 but we decided to go with a higher quality glossy sticker for your 100% satisfaction!
Shipping is included in the $3 price for all orders in the US (International Please add $1.00)

They are going to be AMAZING!!! I am going to order the 5-pack for sure so that I can sticker up more than one thing :)
Again, I want to thank Courtney for all of her hard work in this. She is so incredibly talented and so much fun to work with!!!
I also want to thank all of you for your excitement and support for this little challenge.
You are amazing!!
Now, go and get your stickers!!!!



  1. http://paper-art-by-nessa.blogspot.com/2010/06/30-day-journal-challenge.html

    can't wait

  2. So awesome! I wish I can get them too. no access to paypal or credit card. :(

    Have fun printing them though! :D

  3. Yay! I've got mine ordered!!! :)

  4. I ordered mine!!! yay!!!

  5. Hey Janel!
    It says on here that the $3 includes shipping, but etsy adds a 1$, so it's actually $4. Is that right?

  6. Anonymous12 June, 2010

    I blogged a picture of the notebook I got for the challenge at the bottom of this post!

    Cannot WAIT till monday :)

  7. ordering mine right neow!!


  8. yay!! court and janel, they look sooo great! you ladies are so awesome and talented. :)

  9. These turned out so great!! Congrats on joining forces with the super talented Courtney!


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