04 June 2010


Like so many others, the second I watched the movie Up!, I was obsessed. The story line, the characters, the eye candy, the inspiration....it was pure magic :)
Well, ever since I saw the movie I knew that I wanted to do a photo shoot inspired by Up with Adam and I.
So, as soon as I saw this blog post by at Alexandra Rae's blog I was smitten!
Seriously, look at these photos and try not to smile :)

This photos were done by an amazing photographer based in California named Joy and you can check out her website at Wildflower Photography, for tons more inspiring shoots :)
You can also see more photos from the entire shoot here on her facebook page :)
Can't you totally see Adam and I doing a little shoot like this?? I have already emailed Erin to get some ideas in the works!!
sooo excited :)


  1. I just got Netflix for my Wii (to watch instant stuff on my Wii! woo!) and I saw UP. I definitely have a weekend plan now! lol

    I saw these photos this morning before work and was drooooliiing! I was thinking of something kind of similar for R and me (that fits his personality a little bit better, of course, lol) Now, if I can just get him to smile in a photo (cop boyfriends, what are you going to do with them? :P).

    If you do these you TOTALLY have to post them!


  2. ohmygosh, i love UP...
    and everything to do with that movie.
    when i saw those photo's, i was like...cuteness overload! you should do a shoot like that and then show all of usssss.

    cutest ever!

    adventure is out there!

  3. I totally adore Up! I can't wait to see how your photoshoot turns out! :)

  4. beeeaaauuuutyyy!! i just rented up, finally! :)

  5. this is so adorable. i love love love it.

    ♥ paislea

  6. these are beautiful! I'm about to move into a house with a backyard and these are giving my ideas. ( :

  7. wow- gorgeous photos. cant to see yours and your hubbys!!

  8. Soooo pretty!!!! You guys MUST do a photoshoot like this!!! It would be so gorgeous and such a treasure!!! xo

  9. Oh my gosh I am in love!! thanks for sharing these.

    I have tears just thinking about the movie.

  10. Hey, I thought you might find this interesting...http://www.lindenwood.edu/boone/docs/2010/geocaching.pdf. Love you!


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