03 June 2010

oh you pretty little things...

happy thursday to all of you!
Summer break is so rad because I literally had to go and look at a calendar this morning to see what day it was :)
Are you ready for some pretty?
1. I am hearting everything that is floral patterned. love love love. I even made this cute little montage of floral loveliness on polyvore today :)

2. My friend Jenny :) She did the cuuute hairstyle that I blogged about yesterday (via Chelsea). It looks amazing.

Jenny is one of my most very very very best friends in the whole world. She means more to me than I can express. If you aren't following her blog already, you really should!!
like right now :)
3. And speaking of Jenny, I found out that she collects these super cute Momiji dolls.

They are all sooo pretty! I think I may need one of these cuties in my house asap.
4. Ok, so Im not sure if these pajama pants qualify as pretty BUT they are oh so ridiculously cute right?

granny square print!! love times a thousand.
5. Jules

Everyday when I read her blog I find myself say Man, she is sooo pretty!! I think her awesome personality makes her even more pretty than she already is. I want to be friends with this girl :) You should also go follow her blog too :)
Ok, I am spent :)
Time for snuggling with my puppy, reading, and then making :)
love you oh so much!


  1. ahhhhhhhh, i LOOOOOOOOVES you soooooooo much!

    like, you don't even know!!!! missu so much! let's make a date when you get back!!!


  2. Stop it, just stop it with the cuteness already. Yes, those PJ pants are so incredibly rad. Can I just say once again that I'm so glad we are HM buddies?! You're so adorable.

  3. I have those pj's!!!

    Peter Alexander makes wonderful pj's and I also have his pink link scarf. One shop to go to when one day you make it to Australia. I will take you there myself!

  4. I am in love with the floral print too! I got these cute pair of sunglasses that I love love love!
    BTW, I love those pj pants!


  5. Those pjs are sooo cute! I also love that new updo. I'm thinking about doing it to my hair tomorrow.


  6. I GOT THE PRINT!! FINALLY!! YAY :) now i need to find/paint a super cute frame for it, post photos and show you it in my home!!

    ps: jujubes IS one of my best friends and trust me, she's even more beautiful in person (if that's even possible...well, it is!) she exudes happiness and is one of the most amazing ladies i have ever ever ever met!!! i'm so glad you featured her on your blog...

    way to make my day!!!
    i am totally blushin' right now and it's ALL thanks to you. i love your blog so much, and i am honoured that i was on it today!!! :)

    yeyeyeye, aw shucks!
    you rule girly


  8. jules is the cutest! her blog always makes me so happy--bright colors, cupcakes, pretty smiles, and the occasional hottie ;).

    love your floral polyvore!


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