30 June 2010

a sister day

Yesterday, my sister and I had the BEST sister day ever :)  
We started our day at the semi-new City Garden in downtown St. Louis.  Can I just say how much I love our city.  There is seriously a treasure at every corner.  We drove by so many cool things on our way down and it made me really happy to live in such a neat place.
So, the City Garden...a definite St. Louis must see.
I think it would be such a wonderful place to take children but I plan to take Adam there and Catalina for a picnic in the near future :)
We spent about an hour here looking at all of the sculptures and even playing in the water a bit.  It was so cool!  Here are some pictures to give you an idea of this cool place.
Rad sculptures throughout the garden:

There is one of the fountains that shoot up out of holes in the ground sporadically like in the movie, Blank Check.  That was my favorite!!

There were pools, waterfalls, and mini waterways that you could walk across on boulders!! love <3

After the City Garden, we walked down to Kiener Plaza, had a a little lunch from a REAL hot dog stand (my first hot dog stand ever), and took in the view.  We also did some geocaching while we were in the area as well :)

After driving around the city a bit, and scoring urban caches all over the place, we decided to treat ourselves to St. Louis' BEST tradition ever :)

Well, according to me, it's the best tradition :)  Anyone from St. Louis has definitely heard of Gus' Pretzels and if you visit, it's definitely a must have :)
I may have gotten a few pretzels to take home with me too :)

After Gus' we went to the Lemp Mansion for another geocache and decided to learn a bit about the history of the mansion and the brewery as well.  The Lemp Mansion is apparently the most haunted building in St. Louis.
The coolest thing that I learned was that there are caves all over the place underground where the brewers stored the beer and where they entertained and performed.  All of the theatrical props and scenery and such is apparently still underground in the cave, but no one can get down there anymore because of the highway built above.  Neat!! I love history like that :)
After the mansion, we came back to my house for a bit and watched shows, sorted through broken jewelry (to make new jewelry) and cooked.  It was such a great day.  My sister is by far, the best St. Louis tour guide I know :)  Well, she's probably tied with my mom.  I am so directionally challenged it's ridiculous :)
fun fun fun.  Today was spent at the doctor's office for physicals and such.  No fun, but necessary :)  I think I am going to cuddle on the couch with Catalina and read now... love you!


  1. Look at you!!! Wearing a dress!!! :D Love it. And those pretzels look mighty fine! So glad you and your sis were able to have a wonderful day together! <333

  2. oh my goodness how fun!! Loook at you in your pretty dress!! i love it!!! Gorgeous pics!! I wanna tour of St. Louis!!!!

  3. i love your hair wavy!!! keep it like that FOREVER!

    i can't wait to meet your seester one of these days!!! when i come to STL, please take me there! loveyou!

  4. What an AWESOME day!!! I wish I was there. We'll have to go there when we come back. :) Love you toots. I'm using my quilt that you made for me every day. It's in my sunroom during the summer months. I just LOVE the bright colors and everyone who comes over always asks me who made it!!!

  5. oh my goodness. i can't even describe my love for st. louis. it is THE best.

  6. So I've been talking about a day trip to STL for a while now and I've officially decided I HAVE to go. lol. I wanted to mainly go to the zoo but that was beautiful, I'm definitely checking that out!

    I was thinking about the movie Blank Check the other day, I watched that a LOT when I was younger!



  7. It looks like an amazing day! Hope you get lots of days like this one :)

  8. what a fun trip! I love all the sculptures! they're so amazingly done!!! :)

  9. Okay you are for sure crazy over pretzels!!

    Love your pretty dress and love seeing all the cool pics of your visit. I lived near St. Louis when I was little but I don't remember too many things about it. I do remember the house we lived in and the school bus ride. I lived in Willow Springs ( not sure if you know where tht is).

  10. You look so gorgeous in your dress!
    Love it and you.

  11. I wish I lived in such a beautiful, interesting place! The mini waterways and fountains that you can walk on look like such fun! Oh, and I love the sculpture of the head. =)


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