14 June 2010

sunshine :)

Ok, thank you for humoring me during my 5 minute pity party :)
Ha!! As soon as I wrote it, I felt so much better :)
Your comments OBVIOUSLY made me feel so great.
You know what is crazy?
Apparently this little girl and I are twins seperated at birth because right after I posted that last post, I needed a pick me up, and did this exact same song and dance!!

ok, just kidding, but I really am about to go do it now :)
just kidding!
I love you.
not kidding.
I might post the next journal prompt early too!
am I kidding?
wait and see!
just kidding


  1. ahhh I saw that video awhile back and it made me smile!! Now when you dance and sing that you have to stand on your counter and record it.. kthnx.

  2. haha she is a happy gal!

  3. thats the cutest thing ever!

  4. How my heck, that is the greatest thing I've seen ALL day. :D

  5. oh goodness, puh-lease post the next prompt early! i'm so excited to get going on this, and i'm bored! I'm never home this time of night, and journaling doesn't involve crazy amounts of movement--perfect activity!

  6. HIL-arious.

    I want my kids to be that confident in themselves!

  7. i love that youtube video. i'm headed to do your journal prompppt now!

  8. hahaha "Just Kidding" reminds me of the SNL skit that Kristen Wigg does.

    but an early prompt is always lovely! hehe I'm glad you're feeling better :)

    xo. Kyla

  9. this is so cute! she sure knows how to brighten up your day! :)

  10. i think we're all really just little grls trapped n adult bodies. that was fun!

  11. this is so funny! this EXACT video was being passed around between me and my entire roller derby team a few weeks ago before our big bout! i credit her with our amazing win. :)

  12. I love, love, LOVE this! My friend sent it to me the other day and I told him this was how I was going to start each day from now on. So cute!


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