14 June 2010

Prompt 2

Wow you guys!! I am soooo impressed by the pages I have seen so far! You are wonderful, and I really really mean it :)
I am feeling so inspired by seeing what you all have created :)
Ok, so yesterday was a time consuming prompt for me, I loved it but it took a lot of time to get it the way I needed it. That means that today, I am going to be easier on us :)

Journal Prompt Number 2: What is the BEST part of your day?
Is it working out?
Is it "quitting time" at work?
Is it dinner with the fam?
What is it?
You can write about it, draw it, sketch it, doodle it, anything you like!

My page:

As silly as it seems, I seriously look forward to getting that soft pretzel at the concession stand at the pool every stinkin day. It motivates me during my hour water walking class. I love it because it's my favorite food. I love it because I get to sit around a table with a bunch of ladies and talk and listen....it's a special time :)

Don't forget to upload your journal page in the Flickr group and to post it on your blog as well!
loooove it and love YOU!
See you tomorrow!
Same time, same place :)


  1. hehe I love yours so much!

  2. Anonymous14 June, 2010

    I just found your blog today and I love this challenge idea! I'm going to join in (even though I'm a little late). I'm going to get my journal and pens tomorrow and just catch up, if that's ok!

    xoxo aimee

  3. I really love it! I've finished Day 1 & 2 and it really is a challenge. I love being able to explore my creativity more. :)

  4. I too have just found this and would love to join in if thats ok? I love it, it look slike so much fun :)

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  11. Anonymous15 June, 2010

    I decided to start participating in your journal challenge! I don't have the time or money to go grab any supplies really (plus it's hard to legit journal when taking a summer class, part-time job searching and practically full-time babysitting). I'm going to do it on my blog though, so if you're interested follow along :]

  12. Hello!
    I posted my page on my blog ;-) my best part of the day is totally different from yours loool :-)

    Thanks, it's a great challenge!

  13. I thought I wouldn't join because my time is so limited, but after seeing other peoples pages I have to join in! I love it.

  14. Anonymous15 June, 2010

    Ok, I'm getting very convinced to join in on the 30 day journal challenge, even though I am a day or two late! >_<

  15. just read your guest blog and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! can't wait to start working on your journal challenge later! hopefully tonight!

    miss your face! like, so bad. xo

  16. I just found your blog and I love this idea. I'm currently in between jobs so I'm using this opportunity to do some soul searching. So what better way than to journal?! I'll be catching up starting tomorrow!


  17. ohh your journal challenge looks like fun! and will defiantly be some needed creative prompts! im excited!

  18. Throwing mine in the mix! Wee, that was fun! First time I have CREATED on paper in a long time. Felt good.

  19. Loving your prompts, Janel. I posted days 1&2 on my blog. : )


  20. I love your pages Janel, so cute and inspiring! I just blogged my first two pages if you wanna check them out :)


  21. Anonymous16 June, 2010


    My day 2!! Thanx for the brilliant prompts!!

  22. Anonymous16 June, 2010

    Just posted my Day 2 entry! http://wp.me/pTVlw-3c

    This was an easy one ;)

  23. whoops, i gave the wrong link before, this link is to my journal pages for prompt 1 and 2:

  24. Day 2 is now posted on my blog


    and in the Flickr group. :o)

  25. I am doing research for my college thesis, thanks for your useful points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    - Kris


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