01 March 2011

a mili...(on a tuesday)

Welcome to "A Mili" Monday, on a Tuesday.
Since February was all about "The Push for Pita" and saving every single penny for our application fee, I of course found a ton of things that I wish I could have bought :)
No shopping=tons of cute things.
Here we go!

1.  I am so in love with these amazing necklaces made from vintage paint by number paintings by Somethings Hiding In Here.
2. A lovely custom couple portrait from Tuesday Mourning.  All of her work is amazing BTW :)

3.  I also loooove this print from Heatherfuture.  I mean it's a TRIANGLE beard!!

4.  I have been looking for one of these tin toy telephones in this color for awhile.  I always seem to find red ones at the antique malls but never this pretty turquoise.

5. and lastly, these adorable pencils for my desk :)

As always, happy browsing!  Thank you for checking out this week's "A Mili"  feature.  
Have a wonderful Tuesday friends.


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