12 March 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today was absolutely beautiful, it was very "spring-ish."
We opened the windows and spent four hours doing a deep spring cleaning in the condo.
We literally got rid of soooo much stuff.  I can see a garage sale in our near future for sure :)
We cleaned everything and it feels so great!
A clean house can make such a difference!
Would you like to see...

The Living Room

"The Loo"

The Kitchen

The Studio

The Bedroom

I also did a little bit of cleaning and decorating in our little mini house too :)  Here is a peak at the studio and the living room of my little modern dollhouse.  I still don't have a lot of furniture or decor for the dollhouse but I do love what I have acquired so far.

So yeah, our house is so clean!
I am really enjoying it.
I have to do some painting in my studio, it needs to be a more neutral color for selling and showing and I am ok with that because I am ready for a change in there.
Is anyone looking to buy an adorable condo in St. Louis??

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. your home is so lovely!

  2. Great job babe! The place looks great...now bear with my while I take a snooze... :)

  3. LOVE your home! So cute! Isn't deep cleaning such a great feeling?? :)

  4. your place looks fabulous!!!

  5. you're house is really cute! and i love the x marks the spot on your wall! very cool idea!

  6. You have such a beautiful home

  7. looks awesome! have an online garage sale!!! it's more work, but you make a lot more money :)

  8. Oh, I love your living room! Great furniture and decor!!

  9. Your home looks so lovely! I like your doll house too!

  10. your condo is awesome! if i was in st. louis i would certainly be into it. bright blue studio walls & all!

  11. I wish we were looking for a cute home in St. Louis!

  12. Oh, your house is so cute!

  13. your place looks gorgeous! i should have you come over and do my place next!!

  14. Everything is so *cute*! :) I just cleaned my house, too, and it feels sooo awesome! Aaah, spring.

  15. Wha! Everything is so cute and clean~!

  16. I love the living room! All of it is super-cool though. I still need to find the perfect vintage suitcase to make my pup a stylish bed. :) Thanks for showing us!

  17. I'm in love with your studio and that sweet treasure map on your wall. Doesn't spring cleaning feel great?


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