23 March 2011

Sponsor Feature!

Hello everyone!  Help me to welcome another lovely sponsor to Run With Scissors this month!!


Tell us a bit about your Blog/Shop:
I design vintage-y, nature inspired jewelry and housewares. I also sell my photography in my shop.

What are 3 goals that you have for your blog/shop this year?
My goals are to keep coming up with new designs for my jewelry, start adding more crocheted items to my shop, and to start giving out free gifts to my customers with their orders :) 

What is your favorite Spring time activity?
Photographing flowers and birds; being outdoors as much as possible.

Where else can we find you online:

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your loveliness with us!  You should definitely check out her shop :)


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  1. I love Belle Hibou's blog/shop :D They're so cute.


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