31 March 2011

the corners

Some of my most favorite areas, in my own home, are the corners.  I love all of the little mis-matched items and small collections that create a display of sorts in many of the corners in our home.
I have been endlessly searching for inspiration and creating mood boards in my journal for a new house and these photos have been a great source to spark my decorative thinking :)
Here are some very beautiful, inviting, and inspiring corners found in other people's homes.

Aren't they amazing?  I just want to jump inside some of these photos and tour the  rest of the house, don't you?  Do you have any fun corners in your space?  
You can find all of these lovely images and sources on my pinboard!



  1. love love love the kids room picture!! I am in the mood to "redo" our play room and want to make a creative zone for my little man - he LOVES colors (crafting, drawing, painting, mixing colors with an eye dropper etc).

    <3 me

  2. Ok, seriously, we have almost identical taste in home decor!!
    I looove all these images so much! That 6th one down I think it is, is amazing!

  3. So lovely! Funny, I have some of those exact same images saved in my "home inspiration" folder. I love the bookshelf with all the globes and the plate collage wall.

  4. SO inspirational!! I just had to save almost every single photo (all but one, which I already had saved!). Love your taste ;)


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