17 March 2011

spring break

After tomorrow, I will officially be on Spring Break :)
I seriously can not wait to have a little bit of a break from work.
I usually have big travel plans for spring break but this year, my spring break will include:

1.  a LOT of spackeling, patching, and painting in the condo.  Neutral walls...here we come...

2. reading outside in the fresh air...

3.  doing some sight-seeing in my awesome city...

4. hitting up all kinds of antique malls searching for treasure...

5. and hopefully finding a Frank Lloyd Wright house somewhere nearby that I have not visited yet.  I need to get that one checked of my 30 before 31 list.

Most of all, I am looking forward to sleeping in, spending time with my family and snuggling with my girl, Catalina :)
What kind of plans do you all have for your spring breaks?



  1. If I had a spring break I would rejoice. But I do not. I do, however, have Saturday off with my family and plan to do some treasure hunting and knitting.

    ps- I love the pictures in this post!

  2. I wish i had spring break! Have you been to the Wright house in Springfield, IL?

  3. no spring break here, although we are enjoying the smells/sounds/sights of spring here in MA. Lots of sun, fresh air and cool breezes... most of our snow is gone too :)
    Love you!


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