06 March 2011

mid century modern

Adam and I have been on and off with finding a bigger place to move into.
There are WAY too many factors that have to fall into place for it to happen.
If it happens, I will be so excited.
If it doesn't happen, then it wasn't mean to be.
In the meantime though, I have been dreaming of furniture to fill our new house with....
MCM furniture to be exact :)
Here are some inspiring photos of MCM furniture that I pinned on Pintrest :)

My grandma's house was completely decked out in MCM furniture so it will always have a special place in my heart <3
What is your favorite style of furniture?


  1. you should probably just move into your grandma's house ;)


  2. my parents just bought me the loveliest mid-century modern dresser for my bedroom. i'm hoping i'll get to move to texas so i can decorate around this one piece. nothing i currently have matches it!
    crossing fingers & praying hard that the house hunt will work for you guys!

  3. I LOVE the rocking chair. It looks so comfy. I'd put it in a sunny corner in my apartment and use it as my reading chair, for sure!

  4. love, love, Love! it. recently my gramma gave my aunt her old dinning set (a table & chairs, buffet & china cabinet) I was so jealous! I love the pointy legs & box shapes.

    I want to move into each of those rooms!

  5. Oh my goodness, the furniture is amazing! I love the credenzas and buffets. Would love to add a piece like that to our house!

  6. I wish my home looked like that

  7. Ooh, the fifth picture down just made me drool... love.


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