25 March 2011


Today I...

1.  went to a mall turned art center but all of the studios were closed.
2.  went to lunch at Pietro's with my mamma girl
3.  had dessert at a little bakery down on The Hill
4.  went to the History Museum strictly for the gift shop and then was excited to see that they had a free exhibit on the 1904 World's Fair (loved it)
5.  laughed so hard with my mom for like 20 minutes straight, not able to stop (it was THE best).
6. thought our car was stolen but only really cared that my baked goods would have been gone.
7. found our car on the opposite side of the museum in an identicle parking lot.
8.  got a manicure and pedicure (silver with black crackle)
9.  went to our antique mall and found a great book on the 1904 World's Fair.

So yeah, it was a great day ;)  
Despite the fact that we had icy rain the whole time (did I mention it was 80 degrees on Tuesday).
I have so many posts written that I need to scan in photos for but since it's Spring Break, I haven't had a scanner available.  I'm still doing my weekly instax photos but again, I need the scanner.  Be watchful for lots of posts this week!
Don't forget to enter the great giveaway below and be watching for another one tomorrow!



  1. Wow what a wonderful day :) The Museum exhibit sounds really neat-I love museums!

  2. Wow what a wonderful day! I love museums and the exhibit yall went to sounds really neat :)

  3. i live around your area.. where oh where is this mall turned art center? or what is the name of it?

  4. Jenn, it is actually Crestwood Plaza in South County :) If you check it out, do it on a weekend and at like noon!

  5. Haha! You were in my neck of woods here in St.Louis! One of my co-workers brought in something delicious from the Missouri Co. Bakery on the Hill on Friday, she does that from time to time. If you ever need any other recs in this area I have some favorites! Oh, I know if you ever come back around the Hill area you have to visit "Future Antiques". It's on MorganFord and its full of awesome vintage items!

  6. Oh wow! What a blog makeover, super clean, crisp and pretty!


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