06 March 2011

paint by number

Completing a paint-by-number painting was one of my goals for my 30 before 31.
About two months after making this a goal, a lost all interest in actually wanting to do one.  I was kind of sad because I wanted to be able to complete all of goals but decided to give it the big "whatevs."
Wednesday night of this week, I was cleaning in my studio and found one of the two paint by number kits that I own and was immediately excited and motivated to do it!
I worked on for about 30 minutes that night and left it sitting on our coffee table while I was away this weekend.  This afternoon, when I got home, I started working on it again...
A few hours later, and I finished it!!
Here are some progress pics that I took on my phone (not the best quality):

It was actually kind of fun, and rewarding :)  I have exactly one month left to complete all of my goals!  I am excited to share my progress with you all sometime this week!
Definitely check back!


  1. I love stuff like this, looks great! :)

  2. That looks so cool, now I want to do one!

  3. It looks good! I didn't know paint by numbers turned out that well!

  4. So awesome! I have a paint by number sitting on my coffee table I need to finish!


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