26 March 2011

Sponsor Feature and Giveaway!!

 Charlie DeBoever

Tell us a bit about your Blog/Shop:
 Polka Dots are Love started in August as a way to motivate me to pursue my crafty adventures.  My blog follows me on my journey as I continue to create, collect, reinvent, and learn. :)

I recently opened my Etsy shop, and hope to use it as a way to share my humble creations with the world. I just made my first real shop update and I am excited to see where it goes!

What are 3 goals that you have for your blog/shop this year?
      My goals are to blog more consistently, sell at least 10 things from my Etsy shop, and do a blog makeover. 

What is your favorite Spring time activity?
   I think my favorite Spring time activity would have to be going for walks and enjoying the sunshine!

Where else can we find you online?

I am giving away a mini flower bouquet.  

It is one of my newest additions to my shop. This mini flower bouquet is hand crafted from felt. It has the cutest metal button detail in the center of each flower. The bouquet is 2 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. I have made this one into broach... it is the perfect way to give any outfit a Spring feel! 

 Thank you Charlie for letting RWS be a part of you adorable blog and shop!!  To enter Charlie's giveaway, you must visit her blog or shop and leave a compliment here on this post :)  I will be choosing a winner for this gorgeous spring brooch on March 30!!

p.s.  Anita is the winner of the Whimsical Woodlands beautiful giveaway!

Yay!!  Email me 
with your shipping info and I will send it to Mandy immediately :)  Thanks!


  1. SO cute!
    I love her shop! Those vintage daisy hair pins are too sweet, I might need to go back & buy them! ;)
    xo, Jamie

  2. I love Charlie's Blog :D I have been visiting it frequently since the last time I saw the feature post on RWS. I love working with felt and her felt creations are adorable xoxo


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