28 March 2011

frank lloyd wright

One of my Spring Break goals was to see another Frank Lloyd Wright house.  This was also another one of my 30 before 31 goals.  I have seen all of the homes that are within a couple hours of a drive from St. Louis so I was a little stressed as to how I was going to accomplish this goal.  I am so not a fan of driving.  Little did I know, my dad knew of a privately owned FLW house right here in St. Louis in a secluded little wooded area.
So with that, my mom, dad and I piled in the car with the camera and headed over there.  It is definitely hard to see from any roads and is way far down a gravel driveway.  My mom, being the rebel that she is, drove right down the driveway and we hopped out to take photos for my goal book and blog.
No one was there and sadly, it looks pretty run down but still AMAZING.

Can you even imagine living in a FLW home? Oh my goodness what a dream!
So yeah, another goal crossed off the list. 
AND another reason to love my parents so much.



  1. I could definitely live in one of this houses! They are amazing. ps- have you seen the lego architect FLW house?

  2. Yes, I could definitely live in one of his houses! They are amazing. It's sad that someone let one get run down. ps- have you seen the lego architect FLW house?

  3. Love that entryway. I wouldn't normally be brave enough to drive up to the house but man, seeing a FLW house in person might just be worth taking myself out of my comfort zone.

  4. Oh I would LOVE to live in one of his houses!! Did you read 'Loving Frank' by Nancy Horan? You should if you haven't!

  5. Awwww.....your parents are the best!


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