26 March 2011

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Tell us a bit about your Blog/Shop:

We Will Fly is my relatively new shop, full of my artistic endeavours. You will find handmade creatures made with mostly repurposed materials, alongside original pencil sketches & artwork. The plush creatures are inspired by nature and by the range of beautiful, vintage fabrics I’ve acquired, and continue to hunt for. I wanted to make something quite simple but detailed, with a feminine dainty quality, without being too cutesy and sickly. Since many of the fabrics used are charity/secondhand shop finds, or repurposed from family and friends, my creatures are quite unique and even eco-friendly! The sketches and paintings are very personal to me and something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I hadn’t drawn or painted properly in years so it’s a continual discovery at the moment!

What are 3 goals that you have for your blog/shop this year?

1)    Firstly, to make a sale!
      2) To create some larger canvases and sketches to sell – even though large blank pages are even scarier than small ones!
     3) To use even more recycled and repurposed fabrics for my plush creatures – which gives me a great excuse to raid the charity shops!

What is your favorite Spring time activity?

Probably something very simple like enjoying a cup of tea in my garden in the sunshine – the winter always feels so long and this is one thing I always look forward to. Another is going on walks and taking loads of photos of the gorgeous blossom on the trees and all the spring flowers.

Where else can we find you online?

I have 2 other shops on Etsy

Fur Will Fly (http://www.furwillfly.etsy.com) is my plush shop which sells fun and unusual creatures, many of which are inspired by science; and Photos Will Fly (http://www.photoswillfly.etsy.com) which sells prints of photographs I have taken of landscapes and nature. I also have a blog (http://www.furwillfly.blogspot.com) where I share all my creative projects. I’m always excited to see new followers if anyone is interested in my projects!

Thank you Claire!!  Ladies and gents you should totally check out all of her shops, I am totally inspired by all of her beautiful creations!! 


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