24 March 2011

cake batter

As I have mentioned before, we are listing our condo in a couple of weeks.  The Realtor loved our house and said it would "show" really well.  The only thing that she was leery about was the turquoise walls in my studio.  Repainting the studio led to us repainting the hallway to hide some scuffs from moving in our couch.  Then we thought we should do some touch up on the ceiling in the bathroom from our remodel last summer which led to drips which means that tonight, I am repainting the bathroom.
I used to love painting :) Now, not so much.

Anyway, back to the studio...

After 9 hours of painting (with tiny breaks here and there) and FIVE coats of paint later, we have the newly neutral studio space:

and in case you need a little reminder of what the walls looked like before, here are two little "Before" shots:

Crazy huh?  We didn't hang anything back up after painting the hallways but I couldn't be without all of my art supplies and pretty decor in my studio so I had to hang most of it back up.  I did store a lot of stuff though and I limited the amount of things that went back on the wall so that it looked "de-cluttered" for the showing.
I am telling you what..."Cake batter" is my absolute favorite neutral paint color.  It is now officially the color of our hallways, the kitchen, living room, and studio space.  It will also be the nursery color when we get a house.

I am so happy that the bathroom is the last of the painting here.  I have been painting for 6 days straight and it has consumed my entire spring break.  I do love the feeling of accomplishment when it's done though and if it's going to help us sell our condo, I am happy to do it.

What do you think?



  1. it's beautiful! great job!!!

  2. What a transformation! I'm a big believer in neutral wall colours - but sometimes a pop of bright is fun. My friend has a bright pink craft room and much like you she plans to paint it beige before she sells.

  3. The Cake Batter is so pretty! Who makes it? I love the turquoise too, though. I have been thinking about Robin's Egg Blue for my studio. Good lock with the showing!
    xo, A.

  4. so much love for your blog!

  5. I love how everything looks, very cute and well organized :)


  6. If I wasn't pregnant, I wuold have so been up there helping you paint!!


  7. the neutral walls look great! i love all your little collections - so cute : )

    enjoying your blog - i'm your newest follower


  8. That is a nice color! I'll remember that, too! Also, I love your creative space and all the goodness in it!



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