23 March 2011

Sponsor Feature and Giveaway!!

Tell us a bit about your Blog:
 I started my blog Whimsical Woodland approx. seven months ago to fulfill a goal I made for myself of having my own blog. I've long been a fan of blogs, and set myself a goal of six months to see if blogging would be a good fit for both myself, and my lifestyle. (I work full-time so I wasn't sure how/when I would have time to maintain a blog.)  Whimsical Woodland for me is a place to document everyday events, crafty creations, vintage finds, etc. The thing I enjoy most about blogging is that it is a way of preserving memories, and I love that. 

What are 3 goals that you have for your blog this year? 

To increase my readership/followers, work on being a more consistent blogger, remain true to myself and make sure that my blog continues to be a true reflection of who I am as a person, and my personality. 

What is your favorite Spring time activity? 
My favorite Spring time activity would have to be gardening. I get pretty excited when home improvement stores, farmers markets, and greenhouses start stocking Spring blooms. The colors, smells, and shapes of the plants are a great source of inspiration. 

Where else can we find you online? 

Twitter (@WhimsyWoodland)

Mandy was awesome enough to have a little giveaway here on the blog too!!  The goodies up for grabs are two 5x7 prints of her photography!!

Two of my most favorite flowers :)
All you need to do is visit her blog,
 and leave her a little compliment right here in the comments section!
I will choose a winner this Saturday, March 26!

A huge thank you to Mandy for supporting the blog this month!



  1. Mandy! I love your blog! I linked to it a while ago from someone elses and have been following it ever since. I love that you were a guest blogger on Janel's today!
    Keep up the blogging, my friend!

  2. Mandy,
    I have been a follower on your blog for a little while now, and I enjoy it! I am new to the blogiverse and am just learning my way around. Love your photos!
    xo, A.

  3. Love the blog Mandy! What a perfect time for some flower pics to get us ready for spring!!


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