22 March 2011

so far...

So far, this Spring Break, I have:

1.  painted my hallway "cake batter"
2.  been to Lowes three times to get supplies to paint my studio and bathroom.
3. Decided that I want to pay someone to paint our doors. 
4.  Had  a fun family day
5. went to "The Loop" with my mom and had an amazing lunch at Pi.
6.  Read two books (Committed, and Save Me From Myself)
7.  wore my hair curly
8. AND became DEBT FREE!!!!!!! (There may have been screaming and dancing involved).  I will share a post on this later :)

It has been a great break so far!
My sweet Catalina is at the vet, getting her teeth cleaned. 
 They have to give her anesthesia for this, so I am keeping my mind off of worrying about her today.
Keep her in your puppy prayers today :)
Thanks friends!!


  1. Aww. I once worked at a vet's office "shadowing" the vets and it was pretty interesting cleaning puppy teeth! They all were just fine, too, so don't worry :D

    Andddd being debt free would be amazing!

  2. My hallway is "Cake Batter," too. =)

  3. Janel- I couldn't find an e-mail address anywhere on your blog, but I'd love to do a post on my blog about your wonderful quilt..could you e-mail me? You should just be able to reply to this comment and get to me.


    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  4. sounds like an awesome (and productive) break!! and a HUGE congrats on the debt free. thats sooo awesome!

  5. I had to de-lurk to tell you how much I love The Loop and Pi! My husband and I went to St. Louis for our anniversary last year and stayed at the Moonrise and spent a few days shopping and eating and enjoying the city.

  6. mmmm I love Pi!
    have you ever had the cookie pie? it's delicious!!! :D


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