23 March 2011


It has been in the high 70's all week (amazing) and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 43 degrees.  That is the pits.  I decided to snap a photo on my phone of "spring" here in St. Louis before it turns cold again!
I have been painting every single stinking day since Saturday and I officially don't "love" painting anymore.  Adam was a champ and did the ceilings for me this morning which was a huge help.  He has class tonight so I am going to attempt to finish painting my studio.
Then, I have to paint the walls in the bathroom and then I am DONE.
Tomorrow we also have a meeting with our doctor to have paper work filled out for adoption.  I am excited about that.  
It's sad that a lot of this paperwork is stuff that you have to wait on other people to fill out for you.  We have had all of our stuff filled out forever and we are still waiting on things from the bank and doctors and all of that.  Crazy.
Alright, I am getting a second wind so I better use that energy to...Paint!
love you all so much!


  1. ugh! i know the feeling about the change in weather.
    it was nice and sunny but today we had a SNOW storm and it looks like old man winter again.
    im wishing and dreaming for spring to come back soooon!
    allison (from toronto!)

  2. I am so in love with dreaming of your little family complete with new home and precious baby girl!!! I can't wait to see the look in your eyes and Adam's when you hold her in your arms!
    Keep working, keep moving, keep dreaming sister... sooner than you can possibly imagine this will all be a blink of your eye!

  3. I "love" painting walls :D
    And the outside of houses.

  4. How lovely your weather sounds!! Love that picture app, too.

    I need to get to some MAJOR painting myself!

    Enjoy. xx


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